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Nahanni National Park

The Murderous Valley of the Headless Men

The Northwest Territories of Canada are beautiful. They are remote, untouched and for the most part, inaccessible. They are home to the Nahanni National Park which is in turn home to the Nahanni Valley which is only accessible by boat, plane or foot. It boasts deep canyons, hot springs, whitewater and a huge waterfall. The Read More

There is something in Shag Harbour

Nova Scotia, Canada, October 4th 1967. Something very unusual is happening, dozens of locals are reporting lights in the sky. At 10pm an orange sphere is spotted hovering around the coastline of Dartmouth by Chris Styles, at 11pm residents of Shag Harbour start spotting lights in the sky, just like before the lights are noiseless Read More

Disembodied Feet in the Salish Sea

I have recently come across an odd series of events that took place from 20th August 2007 until the latest occurrence on 12th February 2016, this involves the dismembered feet and running shoes of a mix of different people washing up on the beaches of British Columbia, Canada. Of all the 16 feet found, only Read More